Webinar series starting June 2nd, 3 pm CET
As strange as it may sound, research tells us that some humans and chatbots (and robots) are starting to grow fond of each-other and develop relationships. Is this a next step in human evolution? 

That might be too early to tell, but chatbots has indeed entered the world of our students, and we are exploring the best practice use of them for student engagement and teaching & learning. As a warm up to the conference, we are hosting a webinar series with some super interesting speakers. Marita Skjuve, PhD Fellow of SINTEF (Norway) will start off with “From start to finish; Chatbots supporting students through their student journey”.

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The Edubots project was initiated by 6 partners from Norway, Sweden, UK, Croatia,
Cyprus and Spain. EdMedia CYENS is a partner in the project.