The team is an extension of the Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology

Andri Ioannou

Team Leader

Research Interests: Learning Technologies, Technology Enhanced Learning, Game-based Learning, Emerging Technologies for Learning



Ourania Miliou

Research Associate

Research Interests: Instructional Design, Teacher Training, Technology-Enhanced Learning, Gamification, e-learning, Digital Skills, Digital Competence, and Learning Design (mostly based on Constructivist Learning approaches) with the use of Digital Technologies, Emerging Technologies and Interactive Media.

Maria Adamou

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Maker learning, Online learning, Educational Robotics, Computational Thinking.

Stephanie Papalla

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Architecture and Design, Urban Design, Design Thinking, Digital Communication.

Aikaterini Mavri

Collaborator (Affiliated Member)

Research Interests: Social/situated Learning, Technology Enhanced Learning, Communities of Practice, HCI, User Experience Research & Design



Andreas Kitsi

Collaborator (External)

Research Interests: Emerging Technologies, User Experience Design, and Gamification.

Alumni Researchers

Olia Tsivitanidou, Research Associate
Yiannis Georgiou, Research Associate
Natasa Christou, Research Associate