Kick-off meeting for the QUASI project

The kick-off meeting for the QUASI project (Qualitative Study on SELFIE Impact) took place on the 19th of March, virtually. The project aims to analyze the impact of SELFIE, a self-reflection tool that supports schools going digital. Five goals have been set:

  • Understand the digital readiness of 15 schools from three different countries (Spain, Netherlands, and Cyprus)
  • Explore how SELFIE is used and perceived by its users in 15 different schools.
  • Identify and describe the impact SELFIE is having in 15 different schools in Europe.
  • Situate the impact of SELFIE in the more complex nexus of interrelated concepts like: digital readiness of schools, school management models, the changing landscape of technologies, theory of change in organizations, integration of innovation in education as well as the datafication of schools.
  • Provide a set of recommendations 

The partner organizations in this project include the University of Valladolid (UVa), the University of Twente (UTwente) and the EdMedia Group of CYENS. The Joint Research Center (JRC) is supporting this project.