The MRG contributes towards the enhancement of Cyprus’ competitiveness by contributing to citizens’ scientific and technological literacy, awareness and engagement with innovative technologies.

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The Interactive Media and Edutainment MRG (EdMedia) focuses on research and innovation related to Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies as applied to the domains of Education and Edutainment (media designed to educate through entertainment). EdMedia work is related to learning experience design, interaction design for edutainment, technology-enhanced learning, training and pedagogy, technology integration in formal and non-formal education, assessment and evaluation. The EdMedia team has extensive experience in the fields of technology-enhanced learning, training and professional development, User Experience (UX), learning experience design, design thinking methodologies through participation in numerous projects and research activities (e.g., INTELed, ENGINITE, PeaceTable, InfoSpaces, NOTRE, EDUBOTS, ERUM etc). 


Interactive Media and Edutainment MRG 

focuses on research and innovation related to:

The use of technology in the field of education facilitates easy and proper learning and also makes the learning efficient and interesting. The use of interactive media has really revolutionised the field of education.

The aim is to enable more innovative and engaging teaching methods and learning experiences with  emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality,Augmented Reality and many more

We use media designed to educate through entertainment in order to make learning more enjoyable

EdMedia-MRG is in-line with all S3Cy priorities. The innovative and interactive tools for formal and non-formal STEAM learning will aim to promote learning of scientific and socioscientific issues including energy, the environment, health, heritage etc. and will have a positive impact on long-term knowledge building and innovation in these priority areas of S3Cy.
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Immersive and embodied digital environments for STEAM education

Immersion and embodiment are considered as of the most profound attributes of educational interfaces grounded on VR,AR, MR and have opened up new opportunities for STEAM education.

IoT tools and STEAM education

EdMedia-MRG will force new directions in learning and training by applying a new generation of inexpensive technologies in the era of IoT (e.g., Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards, sensors and actuators, robot construction toolkits, microbits, etc.) to allow anyone (and particular young learners) to undertake authentic projects in STEAM education.

Gaming applications and gamified STEAM learning

This direction is directly related to the contribution of the EdMedia-MRG in the iNicosia flagship project. From an educational perspective, it is important to educate people and provide them with smart and engaging applications via which they could actively involve in data collection process for enhancing the life quality in their city.

Computer-based assessment in STEAM non-formal and informal learning

EdMedia-MRG will focus on the study of ICT in facilitating the automatization of analytical procedures, provision of immediate feedback and adaptation of assessment and response.

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