The Interactive Media, Education and Edutainment MRG (EdMedia)

About Us

The EdMedia Group of CYENS ( aims to conduct applieresearch and innovation in the field of Interactive Media for Education and Edutainment. EdMedia work is related to learning experience (LX) design, User Experience (UX), technology-enhanced learning, training and pedagogy, technology integration in formal, non-formal and informal education, assessment and evaluation.


EdMedia aims to advance digital learning, defined as learning facilitated by technology or instructional methods, which makes effective use of technology (i.e. game-based learning, computer-supported collaborative learning, learning in AR, VR, and mixed reality settings, etc.). The group is a natural extension of the Cyprus Interaction Lab Group of the Cyprus University of Technology (

Strategic Objectives

EdMedia aims at improving the educational experience with contextualized, technology-enhanced, and gameful learning. We aim to ensure successful deployment of innovative learning environments which make use of games, AR/VR, installations, use of spaces in the Maker culture.


The work of EdMedia is directly aligned with the S3Cy horizontal priority areas of “Digital Education”, “ ICT – Software and hardware” and “Emerging Techniques”. The MRG will contribute towards the enhancement of Cyprus’ competitiveness by contributing to citizens’ scientific and technological literacy, awareness and engagement with innovative technologies.

Expertise and Capacity

Immersive and Embodied Learning Environments

Immersion and embodiment are the most profound attributes of XR learning environments which have opened up new opportunities for education.

Learning Design

Learning design or learning experience design bridges design and development with an emphasis on the learner and on designing learning opportunities in a technology enhanced world.

User-centered Design

The user perspective is a fundamental aspect in Design. Various methods must be used to support the views of the users, arising from the need to support innovation over disciplinary boundaries.

Serious Games and Gamification

Applying fun and engaging elements found in games to non-leisure contexts, known as gamification, aims to motivate the learners to complete specific tasks, and thus, increase user retention with content, products or services.