Participation in “Shaping the future 2021” Global Event

On the 12th-14th of October, members from the EdMedia at CYENS Centre of Excellence and Cyprus Interaction Lab research groups participated in a global online event, titled “Shaping the future 2021” hosted by Mindcet – EdTech Innovation Center based in Israel.

The online conference was part of the Israel EdTech week 2021, which hosts annually a global encounter among EdTech key stakeholders.We had a unique experience joining the event, and meeting startups, educators, investors and innovators whose ultimate purpose is to build and re-define the education of the digital age. The event provided a significant opportunity for us to present our ENTER Edtech project ( and to exchange views and ideas with other ‘key players’ in the market. Furthermore, our participation provided us with crucial insights on successful EdTech-preneurs from different markets, like Israel, UK, India, the Caribbean and Portugal. Participants were invited to share their solutions towards meeting the new global educational challenges. Their contributions were crucial in understanding the path of EdTech startups, what the main challenges might be, and how they dealt with those challenges.