Third meeting of the INTELed Teacher Professional Development Program

The third meeting of the INTELed Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program was co-organized by the Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology (CIL, and the Research center on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies (CYENS, The meeting was delivered successfully by Dr Andri Ioannou, Dr Yiannis Georgiou, Mrs Nicoletta Pantela), on December 8th 2018, at the Cyprus University of Technology. The meeting was attended by 20 in-service primary education teachers, working with SEN students in various settings (mainstream classroom, special unit, special school).

The meeting began with a presentation by Dr Yiannis Georgiou (Postdoctoral researcher, Project manager) focusing on the inclusion of SEN students and the integration of embodied technologies as two basic axes defining a successful INTEled teaching implementation.  

Next, the INTELed teachers worked in pairs for presenting and discussing the lesson plans that they had developed for their INTELed teaching implementations. As part of this discussion the teachers had the opportunity to reflect and receive peer feedback on aspects related to the activity sequence, the classroom orchestration and the integration of embodied technologies in their lessons.

The meeting concluded with an activity focusing on the assessment strategies of the INTELed teaching implementations. As part of the activity, the teachers were informed about a set of assessment tools that could use for evaluating the impact of the INTELed approach, by measuring their students’ academic, cognitive, social and emotional gains.

From January until April 2019, the INTELed teachers will proceed with their teaching implementations in their school classrooms. Stay tuned by following our INTELed Facebook page ( for our upcoming news and updates!