Participation at the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) 2019 conference

The EdMedia Multidisciplinary Research Group (MRG) and the Cyprus Interaction Lab (CIL) were represented at iLRN 2019 conference, which took place at London, UK between 23rd-27th June 2019.  The conference was attended by the Associate Professor Andri Ioannou (Coordinator of the EdMedia MRG & Director of the Cyprus Interaction Lab) who delivered two paper presentations, as follows: 

  • Georgiou, Y., Ioannou, A., & Ioannou, M. (2019, June). Investigating Children’s Immersion in a High-Embodied Versus Low-Embodied Digital Learning Game in an Authentic Educational Setting. In International Conference on Immersive Learning (pp. 222-233). Springer, Cham.
  • Socratous, C., & Ioannou, A. (2019, June). Using Educational Robotics as Tools for Metacognition: An Empirical Study in Elementary STEM Education. In International Conference on Immersive Learning (pp.72-83). Springer, Cham.

More information about the iLRN 2019 conference can be found at the official conference website: