EDUBOTS closing event – Book your ticket!
The EDUBOTS consortium of partners (, #University of Leeds #Faculty of Organization and Informatics #CYENS Centre of Excellence #Universidad de Granada) is planning the closing event of the project on Tuesday, Jan 18th, entitled “Best practices of chatbots in higher education: Findings and insights from 2 years of applied research”.

Join the event! 

On a high-level, Edubots has the goal of improving educational attainment in European higher education. We do that by exploring best practice use of chatbots, and by creating a learning community of Educators in Europe.

1. We focus on engagement between students and educators facilitated by chatbots.
2. We focus on increasing the frequency and accuracy of feedback between educators and students.
3. Project pilots are designed with the overall goal of decreasing dropout rates by using chatbots.
4. We form a learning community of educators to participate in the project activities and make use of the research, free learning resources, and free tools.