Is the COVID-19 pandemic changing the ed-tech industry forever?

Is the COVID-19 pandemic changing the ed-tech industry forever?

Online Webinar, 13:30 – 14:30, Thursday 21 st May

Kinems is a breakthrough interactive learning gaming platform supporting Whole Child Approach with learning and
kinetic analytics that transforms general and special education by bringing movement-based learning, academic
development via multiple modalities, precise individualization and progress tracking together in one seamless and
engaging solution. Kinems Inc. currently serves several districts in 7 states in the US and has customers in Greece,
Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. Kinems is a NY-based company with a branch R&D office in Greece.

Professor Simos Retalis, its co-founder and chief scientific officer, will discuss how the ed-tech scene is changing due
to COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, school education has
changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of remote learning via digital platforms. Large-scale, national efforts to
utilize technology in support of remote learning are emerging and evolving quickly. It seems that multi-partner
approaches for the design, development and delivery of learning & cost-effective solutions are important. 

Taking these into consideration, the key topics of his presentations will be:
● Dealing with the crisis and inequalities caused by closing schools
● Remote learning is much more than teleconferencing sessions
● Supporting educators and parents
● Will the adoption of remote learning by the school systems continue to persist post-pandemic? If so, how
such a shift would impact the worldwide education market?

Speaker: Symeon Retalis – KINEMS
Discussant: Andri Ioannou – RISE