Research Topic “Compelling COVID-19 Graphical Simulations” in Frontiers in Computer Science.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has led to various new ways of perceiving and understanding important public health data. Several exciting new methods for relaying complex information to the public have emerged using a variety of tools and platforms including visualizations (called sims), interactive augmented reality (AR) overlays, and interactive data platforms, among others.   

This will be a collection of short articles (1000-3000 words – e.g., Perspectives, Methods, etc.) that highlight creative, new tools and their contributions to our understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic.    The editorial team is flexible about the format and content in these articles, but we encourage the inclusion of multimedia elements and links showcasing the sims or platforms. 
Along with the short manuscript, we ask for an accompanying URL so that readers can access and experience the sim and interactive data platforms.    

I also want to highlight that Frontiers’s senior management decided to waive the fees for all Covid related research. 

Submission Deadlines
01 August 2020 for Abstract
15 December 2020 for Manuscript

Keywords: Simulations, Visualizations, Augmented Reality, XR, COVID-19, Interactive Data Platforms

More details:

Download the Compelling Covid-19 Graphical Simulation PDF here