Second coordination meeting of the EDUBOTS Erasmus + Project

The 2nd coordination meeting of the EDUBOTS project (Best practices of pedagogical chatbots in higher education) took place online on the 25th of August 2020. The EDUBOTS project, which is funded by the European Commission, is composed by six partners (EdTech Foundry, Anna & Hubert Labs, the University of Leeds, the University of Zagreb, CYENS CoE, and the University of Granada) in six countries (Norway, Sweden, UK, Croatia, Cyprus, and Spain).

The project’s progress was discussed, through presentations by all partners, providing updates on the project’s work packages, including tasks’ planning and implementation. Also, plans for the second pilot phase of educational chatbots in Higher Education were set and agreed. The second pilot is running during the winter academic semester 2020, in which Higher Education users, i.e., educators and students, are welcomed to join. 

More updates on the EDUBOTS project are provided in the project’s website: 

For joining the EDUBOTS pilots and getting free access to Bo, an educational chatbot for students and educators in Higher Education, follow the link:   

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Second coordination meeting of the EDUBOTS Erasmus + Project